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The Missouri Mountain Dulcimer
​The dulcimer originated in the mountains of Appalachia in the early 1800's as settlers sought the joy of music in this simple instrument. As those early pioneers moved west, many settled in the oak-hickory woodlands of Missouri. These handcrafted dulcimers are reminiscent of those early instruments. Please scroll down to see some of Carroll's work.
Style: Figure 8
Wood: Solid Cherry
Style: Teardrop
Wood: Sycamore and Walnut (top)
Hickory and Walnut (bottom)
Style: Figure 8
Wood: Sycamore and Walnut
Style: Large Figure 8
Wood: Hickory and Walnut
Style: Figure 8
Wood: Maple and Cherry
Style: Regular Figure 8
Wood: Hackberry and Walnut
Dulcimers are individually 

These are samples of the quality work and materials 
in these instruments.
Heirloom Dulcimer

Do you have a piece of wood with 
sentimental value? 

These special  pieces of wood may also be crafted into an heirloom instrument 
that not only echoes through the ages, 
but also honors your memories. 
Quality Craftsmanship